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Embark on a six day journey of consciousness, self-discovery and growth through
wellness, music, dance, art, nature and natural therapies.

DATE: MAY 1-6, 2018

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About the Experience

A better Tmrw begins Tday along the breathtaking paradise of Negril; Jamaica’s famed 7-mile beach. Embrace the positive shift within your self and watch the world begin to smile. Tmrw Tday’s second annual Culture Festival invites you to become part of a global movement; a catalyst for change to lighten our hearts and remedy our planet. Embark on a six day journey of consciousness, conviction and growth through wellness, music, art, natural therapies.

Yoga on the Beach!

 Be a part of a new experience of fun, sun, and good vibes along with hundreds of other like-minded souls looking to explore new ways to develop wellness practices and have the best time ever doing it. Step outside the boundaries of everyday life and into the experience of a lifetime, where you rides the waves of the holy flow to craft your perfect vacation, from dawn til dusk.


Tmrw.Tday is a “culture fest” held along Jamaica’s famously beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Negril.

This conscious culture fest, the first of its kind, aims to tackle some of the existential challenges humans face. By stripping it all back and focusing on core values such as mindfulness through its signature event Irie Soul; the importance of sustainably sourced food via its 7 Mile Organic Food Festival and the power of art and expression through its music event Reggae Revival, attendees are expected to experience a deep sense of calm.

Celebs on board with Tmrw.Tday

Already, Tmrw.Tday has attracted the support and partnership of celebrities, musicians and the Jamaican government and tourism board.

Celebrity international wellness evangelist David “Avocado” Wolfe is the official ambassador of Tmrw.Tday. He’s highly passionate about educating individuals about happiness and giving back to the world through self-love.

” I love Tmrw.Tday’s focus on health, wellness and yoga, and the arts, and this style of cultural immersion is a fresh way to elevate the lives of attendees. I’m excited to return to Jamaica after 16 years.” – David Wolfe

Live the simple life at Tmrw.Tday

In the current political, economic and environmental climate, Tmrw.Tday’s Irie Soul event hopes to foster a community of love, mindfulness and courage, which consequently empowering individuals to make active changes within themselves.

Scientists have been scrutinizing the link between income, possessions and happiness for years. Research shows donating money makes people happier than lavishing it on themselves. When people do spend money on themselves, they’re much happier when they use it for experiences and travel rather than for material goods.

Want in on Tmrw.Tday?

Tmrw.Tday invites the world to experience a life-changing week in Negril. Embark on a personal journey of consciousness, conviction and growth. And we want YOU there!

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Year 1 was EPIC, so Year 2 is bound to be the absolute best ever.

See you there!

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