The Most Important Relationship of Your Life

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Self-esteem is what we think of ourselves. –Louise L. Hay

The relationship that we have with ourselves is by far the most important relationship of our lives. So if we want to improve our life, we need to go to the root of the issue and heal the relationship that we have with the deepest part of ourselves. This part is something that only we have access to, no one else in the world knows it better than you. This is your spirit.

Self-esteem vs. Self Confidence:

Self-esteem refers to how you feel about yourself overall; how much esteem, positive regard or self-love you have. Self-esteem develops from experiences and situations that have shaped how you view yourself today.

Self-confidence is how you feel about your abilities and can vary from situation to situation. I may have healthy self-esteem, but low confidence with math or cooking.

However, they are so closely related, when you love yourself, your self-esteem improves, which makes you more confident. When you are confident in more areas of your life, you begin to increase your overall sense of esteem. You can work on both at the same time.

The entire life experience rides on the relationship we have with our Self. Whether or not we respect and trust ourselves if we rely on the approval of others.

Self-Esteem dictates:

  • what we say and do,
  • how we react,
  • how we dress,
  • the quality of our health,
  • who we judge,
  • our posture,
  • the partners we attract,
  • how we let people treat us,
  • our jobs,
  • our bank accounts,
  • our perspective on the world,
  • pretty much EVERYTHING in life!

Self-esteem is our fundamental power, it acts like immunity and a buffer between us and the intensity of the world. When we work to develop our self-esteem, it has a ripple effect out into all areas of our lives. Naturally, with time, all of the relationships in our lives become HEAVENLY.

What is Empowerment?

Power can be a scary word at first for many. We think of power over or domination, nothing that a lady wants to be… In actuality, the word power comes from the Latin word potere which means, ”to be able” or the ability to act or produce an effect. Therefore, our personal power is our ability to manifest, create and complete what we set out to. And again, our power depends on the quality of the relationship that we have with Self and ultimately with our Higher Power.

Despite your initial thoughts on the word, authentic power comes through the proper management of our spirit. It comes from putting ourselves first, nurturing and caring for ourselves. Empowerment is the process of taking responsibility for your soul through consciously choosing, that which serves your Highest.

Just like we build trust within relationships with others, Self-development gives us the confidence and courage to stand our ground and listen to, trust and act on our inner voice. Now you know why the relationship with Self is truly the most important in the lifetime!

It took me a really long time to really understand and experience self-love, and I am honoured to share my insight and offer a hand for those of you who are looking to experience this remarkable feeling for themselves.

My 1-on-1 Mentoring Program was designed for people like YOU (and me) who have struggled with this very thing. Working together 1-on-1 is such a special experience. Let me guide you as you learn to master loving yourself!

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