5 Reasons Why You Need to Shake Your Shakti!

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Whether we are listening to it or not, our body acts as a barometer that shows us where we are at energetically. If we have been giving our power away by neglecting our needs, eventually our body will begin to show signs of wear and tear… it will begin to get sick.

Most of us these days, push past our instinct to take a nap by reaching for a coffee or energy drink. We skip our workouts to go for drinks with friends or colleagues and choose other than excellent foods because of convenience, habit or tradition. This masculine (not men per se but the masculine energy within all of us) tendency of overriding our body’s urges may seem innocent in the moment, but if you stop and think about it for a moment, the message that you are sending your body is a BIG “f*$k you’… Yikes, that doesn’t feel very good, does it?

And perhaps it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it was once and awhile, but the reality is that most of us do this all day long… while internally terrorizing ourselves with negative self-talk to keep us going. In fact, neglecting self-care has become so the norm that most of us don’t think twice.

Our poor bodies- no wonder everyone is burning out and getting sick! We are totally disconnected from them.

Reconnecting with the body

To truly find peace, balance, and harmony in our lives, we need to change the inner conversation. This calls for a reversal of roles, to make the mind the servant to the body instead of the other way around.  We need to LOVE, HONOUR and RESPECT OUR BODIES, like the gifts that they are!

Like many great spiritual teachers of our day, I see this process of ‘getting into our bodies’ or ’embodiment’ as the 21st-century spiritual path. This is because we cannot possibly show up at our Highest, for our family, clients, etc, if we don’t feel good in our bodies. We don’t realize how much we are holding ourselves back from living the lives we want, with the seemingly, insignificant choices that we make every day.

However, through the journey of waking up and using our consciousness to merge our spiritual and physical parts, we broaden and strengthen who we are and how we show up in the world.

So where do we begin with ‘getting into the body’? It’s simple… it starts with sensation.

You know the sluggish feeling at end of the day when you just feel really uncomfortable in your body? Perhaps, you experience low-grade aches and pains that have been there as long as you can remember.  If you don’t feel this, you may have found a way of tuning it out.

Either way, these sensations are NOT ‘normal’… they are your cue to get up and do something to make yourself feel better!

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Understanding Shakti

These sensations are a sign that you have some energy in your body that is stuck and it needs to be moved. This energy is called Shakti. This is the feminine aspect of our energy system that is responsible for our power, sexuality, and creativity. She gives us that magnetic spark that attracts others but when she becomes stagnant, we become stuck- mentally, physically and spiritually.

If we have blockages, especially in the lower 3 chakras, from our past wounds or current energy mismanagement, Shakti diminishes and closes down to some degree. This dials back our ability to access and use our sexual and creative powers… and we certainly need those!

Do the random

So, the key is to get the Shakti Energy flowing through our systems, just like the blood in our veins. Going to the gym or a class is great, don’t get me wrong, but due to the wild nature of Shakti, she prefers to be moved in illogical and unpredictable ways. Think of it this way, for much of our day, we repeat the same motions; walking, typing, sitting, driving, etc. so, in an effort to reset and balance our energetic systems, we need to step outside our comfort zone, let go of our inhibitions and let the creative energy of our Soul flow.

Shakti, the energy guiding the movement is the language of your body, it is an expression of your Soul.  Think of it like making art. Just like other creative outlets, moving your body in unstructured and spontaneous ways is extremely nourishing and healing, for your mind, body, and soul. It cracks you open and snaps you out of patterns and programs.

That is why I recommend adding even just 5 minutes to your daily routine. It’s wonderful first thing in the morning to get your body going but is equally as effective after a long day when you’ve reached your limit of computer work and need a state change.

Luckily, there are thousands of ways to stir up your Shakti energy. You can quickly shake off stagnation and experience an INSTANT transformation with movements such as these:

  • Getting out into nature (one of my favourites)
  • Swimming in natural bodies of water
  • Dancing like nobody’s watching
  • Shaking your limbs
  • Running, crawling jumping, climbing like an animal
  • Bouncing on a rebounder
  • Yoga, but particularly Kundalini 
  • Qi Gong Practices
  • Massage and bodywork (self or otherwise)
  • Think free flowing movements, with little structure and limits- conscious/intuitive dance parties!

Trust your inner guidance, once you start tuning into your body in this way, you will know exactly when you need to get up and shake it off!

5 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Shake Break:

  1. To feel more vital and ALIVE. Just like going to the gym and building muscles with strength training, by shaking our Shakti daily, we broaden and strengthen our capacity for this life-force energy
  2. Boosts creativity and inspiration. The more we express it the more access to it we have. As we move, we are opening ourselves up to be the artists, creators and powerful manifestors that we are meant to be!
  3. It’s an act of self-love. Remember, the discomfort that you feel is not there just to piss you off, it’s present because Shakti is trapped in your body and is signaling for your help to release it! You can think of this as a call to step up and be responsible for yourself. Choose to honour your body by helping it to do its job of keeping you alive and healthy.
  4. Boosts pleasure and libido.  It gets your mojo flowing! Increased pleasure and enjoyment are an awesome bonus of regular unstructured movement!
  5. Reduces stress and FEELS SO GOOD!!! If you had a rough day, instead of numbing out on the couch with Netflix or slipping into a food coma, shake your energy up and feel how this instantly uplifts your mind, body and soul!

I know that random movement is definitely a part of my best day ever and is something I HIGHLY recommend for those of us who want to live at our Highest potential and make our dreams a reality!!

So get out there and Shake, Shake, Shake Your Shakti!

Much love,


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