What is Self-Love (& how do you know if you have it)?

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What does it mean to love yourself? What does it feel like? How do you know if you have it?

I get asked these questions often, I thought I would share what I’ve learned with you today.

Over the past 10 years, I have been actively working to cultivate compassion and kindness towards myself. While it’s not always been easy, I feel proud of my transformation and blessed to be able to inspire and empower others to do the same.

Self-love as an object: As a researcher of life, I’ve observed that self-love is an extraordinary phenomenon. We don’t know what it is or if we have it… until we have it. And even then, it comes and goes, as you comb through and shed light on all your dark corners. However, with time and practice, it becomes the new baseline and you noticeable shifts in your inner dialogue become apparent.

Self-love as a practice: Self-love is a practice and something that we need to work to maintain using daily acts of love towards ourselves. The simplified version is: self-love is choosing to do what feels GOOD for you.

The result? Less worry, less insecurity, less guilt, less shame and more peace, more trust, more inner strength and more compassion. It’s truly is remarkable!

My greatest wish is that everyone on Earth gets to experience this feeling in their lifetime and it is my mission to clear the way and help as many people as possible find their way to the sense of peace, balance, and wholeness that’s our divine birthright.

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Self-love as a medicine: Self-love is a vaccine against the harshness of the modern world, it bolsters our emotional and spiritual immune system. The benefits of this timeless medicine are infinite and indeed immeasurable. When we love ourselves deeply and completely, everything just fits into place.

The result of this is exceptional: a loving, trusting relationship with the most important person in the whole world, yourself.

Self-love as a feeling: Embodying self-love feels like a deep sense of peace, freedom from the torment of inner criticism, insecurity, doubt or the ability to lead yourself out when those voices arise. It’s about knowing that you’ve got your back no matter what.

It’s no different than being in a relationship and trusting your partner enough to be completely open and honest. To expose all of the parts of yourself that you have long since deemed unworthy, without running or hiding. To be vulnerable and to embrace all of yourself with a tender heart.

I invite you to consider the following question:

In an ideal scenario, what are the qualities you seek from an intimate partner?

Unconditional support and acceptance, conscious communication, openness, honesty, respect, loyalty? You want to know that your lover has your back no matter what, right?

Well, this is exactly what you need from YOU.
Self-love is all about showing up for yourself and choosing differently than you have before, especially in those moments where you have abandoned and betrayed yourself in the past. This is how one rekindles a loving, trusting relationship, by showing up with one small, yet aligned action at a time.
Loving yourself FEELS GOOD, I liken it going through life infused in your power, floating around with lightness as well as strength and precision in each step. You feel confident, you know that you’ve got it. You have the inner strength and capacity to get yourself through whatever life throws your way without succumbing to fear and reacting in the same old frustrating way.

Self-love is about knowing that and trusting yourself to show up for yourself when you need it the most. Self-love comes with the certainty to know that you are good enough, you are enough. It took me a really long time to really understand self-love through my experience, so I thought that I would share with you some of my insight and offer a hand for those who are looking to experience this remarkable way of being.

My new course, Self-Love Activation does just that, builds the foundation and gives you the tools so that you can become a conduit for Divine energy and learn how to fill up your inner cup daily with simple but powerful self-care practices. When the cup of our hearts is full, as the result of exquisite self-care, it naturally overflows and inspires absolutely everyone that we meet!!


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Gillian is a self-care teacher, helping to empower people to take responsibility for their experience and create a better life. She shares her message of holistic health, yoga and self-love through writing, coaching, transformational retreats and her online courses. With an intent to inspire positive change in as many people as possible, Gillian lives and breathes what she does. Her work been featured on RogersTV, CHCH, CityLine, MindBodyGreen, BodyRock, DavidWolfe.com and Elephant Journal.

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