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As a woman in today’s world, my relationship with money has been tumultuous to say the least. I’ve been deeply in debt multiple times, which was the result of living beyond my means and rebelling against the scarcity mentality.

However, money issues are not gender specific. All of us have our own relationship with money which is dictated by our beliefs about ourselves and how the world works. I have gone deep with my money story to get to the root of the issue and I’ve realized there are a few beliefs that are competing for power beneath the surface:

  • A part of me wants to be independent, rich and successful. But another part of me is scared shitless and just wants to stay small and be taken care of.
  • A part of me knows that I am intelligent and capable of doing anything I put my mind to. But another part of me feels incapable of doing it on my own.
  • A part of me wants to be powerful and strong. But another part of me thinks that’s unfeminine and will make me unattractive and thus unloveable.
  • A part of me wants to receive the mega abundance that is my birthright. But another part of me is worried that there will be strings attached, that will ultimately lead to pain.

Confusing right?! What I’ve learned is that I am not alone here, this inner conflict influences nearly all the women of our day and age in some way, albeit primarily subconsciously.

So what’s the solution? CLEAR THE CRAP: the patterns, the programs and the pain that we have attached to money all of these years.

Wayne Dyer says: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. When we change the way we see money, when we clear the our money story, we can have a fresh start financially and have whatever we desire.

Transforming your bank account begins with transforming your brain, in particular your thoughts and feelings towards prosperity and abundance. So, let me introduce you to my mentor, The Brain Trainer, Heather Jones!

21 Days to TRAIN your BRAIN to THINK differently around money.

These energy releasing videos work to rewire your thought patterns that you’re adding to every single day. The course is led by The Brain Trainer who uses her version of Emotional Freedom Technique to reprogram the brain. Bonus material includes – brainwave meditation to calm your worries around money.

Normally 99$, today Heather and I have joined up to offer you 10$ off! Here are two options for you to choose from:

1)Purchase Money Mindset Makeover course ONLY for $89 USD HERE ( or 115$ CND) .

2) Purchase Money Mindset Makeover + Two 45 min sessions with me to work through your specific money story for only 250$ USD (or 325$ CND)

Here’s what we will be clearing on the course:

Day 1 – I don’t have ENOUGH money

Day 2 – I just can’t get a BREAK

Day 3 – I feel ANXIOUS, I can’t pay my bills

Day 4 – Money is BAD

Day 5 – I don’t DESERVE money

Day 6 – More Money = More Arguments

Day 7 – I am SCARED to ask for what I really want

Day 8 – have no opportunities to make more money

Day 9 – I have to work HARD to get money

Day 10 – Rich people are….

Day 11- I’m TERRIBLE with money

Day 12 – I feel GUILTY, I’m overspending

Day 13 – I hate SPENDING money

Day 14 – I feel STUCK around money – I’m sabotaging my WEALTH

Day 15 – I can’t seem to SAVE any money!

Day 16 – If I HAVE more, I will be LIKED LESS

Day 17 – Wanting MORE isn’t SPIRITUAL

Day 18 – I Judge Others On How They Spend THEIR Money

Day 19 – I TRUST the process of LIFE

Day 20 – I am a MONEY MAGNET!

Day 21 – I am READY and OPEN to receiving ABUNDANCE now

I’ve learned SO much from working with Heather and would love to help you to find freedom with your finances!



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