The Women In Bloom Mentoring Program exists to inspire you to take personal responsibility for your life, create positive change, develop and nurture a soulful, loving relationship with your true Self. The main goal of the program is to align your heart and mind. Reclaim lost soul fragments and ignite your authentic inner power. This will drive transformation and lasting change. This all-encompassing program works on all levels of being- from confidential support, spirited guidance, thought provoking questions, holistic wellness counseling, as well as customized inner work with helpful resources, recommended readings and life-changing exercises to further progress between sessions.

The inner work is where the magic happens…

Your program contains insight, wisdom and practices from a wide range of perspectives including:

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Mindful Meditation

  • Body Medicine

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Yoga

  • Mindful Eating Practices

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • Empowering Self-Leadership

  • Ancient Healing Traditions

  • Dreamwork

A Customized Program Just For You

True transformation is not an overnight thing. However, with a few months of commitment and loving support you will be well on your way to your Highest self. This program consists of 10 calls that can be spread out to best honour your schedule and natural rhythms. One initial call to paint your self-care vision and protocol, 8 calls spread out during a 4-month intensive and then 1 check-in call down the road to see how you are making out on your own.

Generally, my clients choose to follow a bi-weekly call structure so that there is time to do the homework, practice what you learn, integrate and reflect.

And of course, I’m also ALWAYS available for questions via text or email for my girls!

Are We a Match?

  • Are you tired of spending time, energy, and money going from healer to healer with no resolve?

  • Do you need help identifying and removing blockages to peace, love and success?

  • Do you feel like doing ‘everything right’ but still feel stuck- physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically?

  • Are you ready for a BIG change and willing to do what it takes to make it a reality?

  • Are you ready for next level healing?

Going Deep To Go Up

My gift is resolving the core of your struggles. Why? Because I’ve been there. I can help reprogram limiting beliefs that keep you stuck while providing the tools you need to navigate life’s constant changes. Together we will break the patterns that have ruled your existence. The result is a radical transformation; an expansion of all aspects of Self with no room for regression. Together we will create a shift that will change your life forever!

I’m READY, count me in!

What Results Can You Expect?

  • A stronger sense of Self.

  • Greater ability to love yourself

  • Peace with your past.

  • A daily practice designed just for you.

  • Improved ability to trust yourself and your abilities.

  • Greater ability to surrender, let go and go with the Holy Flow of life.

  • Less indecision, more confidence and sense of purpose.

  • The tools and a better ability to navigate life’s challenges.

  • Improved sense of wellbeing and emotional regulation.

  • Stronger connection to your intuition, personal Truth and Higher Power.

  • Drastic improvements in your close relationships.

  • A more peaceful state of being.

  • A better handle on your self-saboteur; an end to self-destructive behaviours.

Praise from the Program

“Gillian’s mentorship program was a gift I gave myself as a part of my healing journey. I had worked with a therapist and done quite a bit of work on my own but I knew there was more to do and I needed help. When Gillian came into my life I knew immediately this was the missing piece.  Gillian became a partner that walked alongside me during those months. She gave me many many tools, exercises, books, videos, and lessons to dig deep, reflect, and go forward. I carry with me new habits that I have formed and a new way of life that I am living. Gillian helped me to see the potential within myself, the love within myself. The joy of nurturing myself because I AM deserving. I am forever grateful. As a result of now believing in me and choosing to live each day as my best self, I have started a new relationship for the first time in six years, starting a new career path, healing old wounds, and staying healthy. Thank you Gillian!”

Jen from Illinois

“I came to Gillian after struggling with frustrating health issues for several years. I have worked with many different health professionals over the years to work on physical issues, but was never encouraged to focus on emotional or spiritual growth with any of them. After working with Gillian, I have fully embraced the connection that physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health all play in maintaining inner health and harmony. She has helped me grow in so many incredible ways and opened me up to realize my TRUE potential. We have worked together to help soften my approach to life, so my healing could finally begin. I went from having some of my worst days ever, to making each day the BEST DAY EVER! Massive shifts have occurred over the few months we worked together, but I know this is just the beginning of my evolution. The work she has shown me will truly stay with me for LIFE.

I have so much LOVE for Gillian. I felt like a priority in her life during the time we worked together and appreciated the thought that went into my homework each week—she always seemed to know exactly what I needed that week even when I wasn’t sure. Gillian has given me gifts that nothing/no one else could replicate and I am so so so grateful for them. I am happy that I listened to my heart and chose to trust her, because it scares me to think about where my life may have gone in 5, 10, and even 40 years had I not done this work. I REALLY mean that…this work is life changing!”

Kristen, RYT 200 Vinyasa Yoga Instructor & University of Michigan Ross School of Business Class of 2018

“I was fortunate enough to have connected with Gillian during a very difficult time in my life. Over the course of several years I have worked with many different people and have tried many different approaches of healing including traditional and nontraditional methods. Although there was something to be learned by them all, I found working with Gillian to be incredibly beneficial. Since working with Gillian I have experienced tremendous shifts and have had many breakthroughs not only with my physical healing, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have grown beyond anything I had ever anticipated and as a result I feel much more whole, a sense of inner peace, confident and capable no matter what life brings. Gillian has taught me many things and has provided  me with many tools I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I immediately felt a connection with Gillian. Her compassion, unwavering patience, commitment, and support have been consistent since the day we began working together. Gillian made me feel like a valued friend, yet still maintained a professional approach. You truly are a beautiful soul, and gifted healer! I am incredibly grateful for all your support and guidance. You have played a big part in my healing and transformation. You came into my life as a true blessing, thank you so much!” 

Brittney from Toronto

Join the Sisterhood!

In addition to my one-on-one, you will become a member of the WOMEN IN BLOOM community where many of my clients (your sisters) share their story, their struggles and their successes, as well as offer support and a great place to ask questions. This group helps immensely with accountability and encouragement.


The investment can be paid all at once or for a little more it can split up into 4 equal monthly payments, whatever works best for you. We can discuss this further on our call together! The spots in this life-changing program are limited so please submit the form below to apply. If you are selected, I will reach out to you by email to set up a time for a free clarity call, to discover if we are indeed a match to work together in this capacity. I would love to support you through the transition to the best version of yourself yet!

click here to apply for my mentoring program and book your free clarity call

Your Mentor, Coach and Role Model

Gillian is a spiritual teacher, empowering her students to take personal responsibility and aligned action in support of their Highest potential. Gillian truly lives and breathes her work. Her background in nutrition, holistic health, yoga and her great success with manifesting magic in everyday life add a special kind of depth to her message.

Leading by example, her intent is to inspire as many people as possible to create lasting positive change in their lives, ultimately impacting everyone around them. She specializes in guiding women, like you, to love, care for and respect their spiritual power; to BLOOM into the fullness of their femininity. She shares her message of self-care through her writing, online courses, transformational mentoring and healing retreats around the world

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