Breath of Fire: Radiant Beauty from the Inside Out!

Kapilbhati translates to 'skull shining breath' because it lights your body up from the inside out! Hence why it's commonly called 'breath of fire'. It consists of alternating short, explosive exhales and slightly longer, passive inhales (1). Physically, this powerful breath activates the body on a cellular level, increasing the digestive capacity, tones the diaphragm [...]

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Try Bees Breath for Anxiety and Focus!

There are very few people on earth that can say that they have never experienced anxiety. While each one of us experiences it a bit differently, physiologically there is a common thread… The breath. Medical doctor Timothy McCall, MD, explains that anxiety is commonly associated with short, tight upper-chest breathing (1). However, the relaxation response [...]

Stressed? This Restorative Yoga Sequence Will Help You Fight It Fast!

For those of you who don't already know, restorative yoga is a gentle form which focuses on the relaxing and renewing nature of yoga. Regular practice will increase freedom of movement, extension in the joints and range of motion. In this video, I demonstrate different modifications of the postures as they are needed. Restorative yoga [...]

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What is Reiki?

In this video, I sit down with Paul Lara from QiBelly here in Toronto to discuss Reiki and what it really is because I find it is a tricky thing to explain! Paul and I are filming a series of videos explaining ancient mind body practices and their place in today's world. He is such [...]

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How to: Side Crow

As a continuation from the video 'Beginner Arm Balances'; this video covers side crow pose with a cheat to make it easier to learn and the traditional variation to work towards. Make sure you get the first video down before moving on to this one and keep in mind it may not come overnight! Be [...]

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