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With the rapid evolution of today’s technology, we are in a constant state of stimuli. We are tuned in, turned on and tapped into the fast-paced electronic world much longer than the standard 8-hour work day. Cell phones, tablets and laptops make us accessible anywhere and anytime, which, as you can imagine, is negatively impacting our overall health and well-being. As our minds are being infiltrated with thousands of new bits of information every moment, it is no wonder that we, as a nation, have such a hard time slowing down. Rest, reflection and personal relationships are often the first to suffer. We are tuning in less and less to that which is going on in the present moment. Many of us are not able to fully disconnect from the info stream until we lay down in bed at night. Even then, the cell phone is close by and is usually the first thing we look at as our eyes open. And, let’s not forget what happens when a phone is misplaced; what a nightmare! When this happens, it’s probably a blessing in disguise and has probably happened for a very good reason. When we become disconnected, it allows us the opportunity to think and see this chaotic lifestyle with a fresh set of eyes.

While submersed in the peace and solitude of the ashram in India, disconnected from everything, I came to a few profound realizations. Firstly, that I am far too accessible. Much of my existence is, in one way or another, connected to the Internet. The slew of superfluous e-mails and notifications that constantly bombard my phone and inbox needed to go! Instant messaging, such as Blackberry messenger and Facebook chat, opened up lines of communication with people that I didn’t necessarily speak to otherwise. It was consuming my energy and slowing me down! Each time something new came in, it entered my mind space, distracting me and diluting my power from things of greater priority. Right then, in that moment, I vowed to take action and cut the ties with these relentless distractions that made their way into my precious headspace.

With all that goes on in the mind at any given time, it is hard to find moments of stillness and clarity. This excessive mindset impedes creativity and becomes a block in the way of you and your true self. How can you listen to your heart if you cannot hear or see beyond the overwhelming buzz of these mindless stimuli?

Now, with a little less clutter, my mind is free to let the thoughts flow, uninterrupted. I am free to contemplate, daydream and visualize all that I want to bring into fruition.

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